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Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is interviewed on KVUE ABC News about the effects of common over-the-counter pain relievers on women’s fertility

A recent presentation of data by Dr. Sami Salman at the 2015 European League Against Rheumatism Congress has brought attention to the topic of the potential effect of NSAIDs on delaying or preventing ovulation during the month that the NSAIDs are taken. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was recently interviewed on KVUE AMC News by Jim […]

Improving Male Fertility

Male fertility is all about the sperm. Medical Daily put together 7 little known facts about sperm:

“Sperm” and “Semen” are different.
Most sperm ejaculated is defective.
Sperm is cold.
Sperm comes as both male (X chromosome) and female (Y chromosome) genders.
Sperm development takes 2 months.
One testicle can produce ample sperm for male fertility.
Sperm “killed” can still fertilize […]

Study shows that AMH predicts surplus good quality blastocyst cryopreservation

Couples who proceed with IVF hope to achieve a live birth with their fresh IVF cycle and most also hope to have surplus embryos for cryopreservation in order to have the opportunity for future attempts at pregnancy. In prior studies in the medical literature, AMH has been shown to predict ovarian response to gonadotropins, […]